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About Stoic Edge, LLC

A Marketplace Company that focus on dedication, innovation, and trust.

About Stoic Edge

Stoic Edge, LLC Is a privately held marketplace company that specialized is disrupting antiquated industries. Though technology, industry expertise, and a strong grasp on supply chain management we offer a wide range of products and services. All of the products and services that Stoic Edge, LLC and all subsidiaries offer will distribute through the internet to the end consumer.


Fresh Harvest Crate

Fresh Harvest Crate is a brand of Stoic Edge a marketplace company that is focused providing a platform that connects producers, buying groups, restaurant, food Hubs/ coops, and residential homes in a cost-effective way.

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Takeout Board

Takeout Boards is a Stoic Edge Marketplace that is focused on providing an online ordering system for local restaurants throughout the state of Maine. Takeout Board had been designed to help a restaurant’s takeout operate more efficient in processing orders.

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