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Stoic Edge, LLC

A Marketplace Company that focus on dedication, innovation, and trust.

Who we are

Our aim for Stoic Edge is to be a marketplace incubating company. We would like to eventually build marketplaces for industries that we see a need for disruption, and then we use a prebuilt marketplace software that will allow us to prototype a solution in a matter of a week. We have currently built marketplaces for the restaurant and local food ecosystem.

Our Mission

We aim to foster the collaboration of industries with the state of Maine and then eventually all over the United States, to innovate new open solutions, to create more local opportunities to support our local communities and to provide any business regardless of the size, the solutions they need to compete with their larger counterparts.

Business Philosophy

With anything in business, we feel that three core concepts mean the most to us.

  • The dedication and commitment to quality to any client.
  • Innovation that matters for our company, our clients, and our community
  • Trust and reputability of all relationship in business and personal