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Improve And Optimize with Technology and Automation

Adopting technology into your workflows and processes can streamline your operations and improve product quality throughout all phases of the fulfillment process.

Moving Your Company Forward With Technology, Sales, & Marketing Automation

We use technology and marketing to help small and medium-sized businesses grow. We have built a robust technology stack that aligns with a company’s marketing, sales, and operations. At the heart of the entire stack is an automation and workflow platform similar to Zapier that allows us to rapidly create integrations between our technology stack without having to do any hard-coded integrations.

Our Managed Sales Technology Stack is three open-source, tightly integrated software applications. Start scaling your business with open-source software with a lower cost of ownership.

  • Content Management system to create an inbound lead generation website.
  • CRM is used to connect and manage your leads and a 1000-mile sales pipeline overview.
  •  Marketing Automation to promote your services to a targeted audience.

Why Should You Think About Choosing Pegas Technology Solutions As Your IT Provider

Over the years, we have helped clients achieve their biggest goals and grow their businesses online. We provide four primary services a company needs: Marketing, Technology Solutions, IT Services, and Cloud Hosting. We help small to medium businesses eliminate technology complexities (every service provider wants to use the software and tools they are comfortable with and often they are a pain to integrate, causing double entry), miscommunication, mistakes, and a higher cost of working with multiple service providers.

We are constantly investing in software, tools, and custom-developed applications that can give you a competitive edge. We help your business leverage open source solutions in the right places that allow you to save thousands of dollars in licensing costs a year, our social media management app, marketing automation, directory, and citation management tool, customer review tools, and more without you having to spend extra money every month.

  • We provide you with the services they need, like digital marketing, web design and development, technology solutions, and managed IT services. Web and cloud hosting, so you don’t have to deal with several providers.
  • When we engage your business for deployment services, we use the deployment framework to map out their process and revamp their operations over our 5-day vital workshop.
  • We have developed several smart integrations using automation platforms like Zapier, N8N, Airbyte, and Fivetran. This allows us to integrate their systems intelligently and connect external systems, like Facebook.
  • We have perfected our “converged commerce,” giving our clients an integrated system for e-commerce, business operations, and business intelligence, allowing them to make data-driven decisions.
  • We are a USA-based IT Services provider that has worked hard for over a decade designing and implementing IT and Software Data systems for buisness.

Our ERP System Deployment Process We Follow

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