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Takeout Board

We are building an ecosystem that will connect restaurants to customers via mobile apps and web apps.

We allow restaurants to improve efficiency, increase sales, increased customer satisfaction, improve reporting and gain insight into their data.

What is Takeout Board

And How Does It Work?


Customers will search the takeout board to find local restaurants


They choose your restaurant and place an order


They submit their order and you get paid in your own merchant account

Pickup or Delivery

They can pick up their food or you can deliver it


Takeout Boards is a Stoic Edge Marketplace that is focused on providing an online ordering system for local restaurants throughout the state of Maine. Takeout Board had been designed to help a restaurant’s takeout operate more efficient in processing orders. As many as 2/3 of restaurants go out of business within their first 3 years of opening  By utilizing Takeout Board’s service a restaurant will be able to reach out to their local population and grow customer base online. Takeout Board offers convenience for their customers via its ease of use, accessibility, a pickup/delivery time estimate, order modification capability, and the ability to share their orders via social media.

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